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Egans Group is dedicated to satisfying the local Work Health and Safety Regulations wherever it operates, not only in employee training for quality performance, but in running regular quality assurance tests on all our equipment. Every machine in our plant inventory undergoes a thorough checklist of WH&S criteria before we deliver to our clients.

Our range of equipment includes such safety features as:

  • Handheld fire extinguishers
  • Walkways and handrails
  • HID and LED lighting
  • Auto-lube systems
  • Turbo shutdown timers
  • Cab and ground-mounted emergency shutdown
  • Rear-mounted cameras for driving in reverse

Our Core Values

Safety is the central idea behind all our efforts in the construction industry. This is why we care so deeply about ensuring that only the best equipment and the best-trained operators are available to all our clients. Not only will we aim to prevent more accidents and workplace injuries, but we seek a competitive advantage through our above-average commitment to worker and workplace visitor safety.

We encourage communication across all parties involved in a project. This includes regular evaluations of our employees’ conduct, thorough testing of our equipment before we deliver it into our client’s hands and a staff of office managers and service specialists who are ready to listen to every customer’s concern. Through this commitment to safety and communication, we are constantly upgrading our equipment and improving our service to fulfill our many projects and satisfy a larger range of clients.

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