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Egans Group is devoted to the service of construction firms and major projects nationally. To that end, we hold ourselves to a high commitment to occupational health and safety and project success through our equipment and operators.

We regularly inspect and test our equipment for hire, ensuring that only the best-quality products are delivered to our clients for the work they need done. We have an impressive range of vehicles and other machines to handle any onsite task, from carrying loads to excavation.

In addition, we employ a large staff of highly qualified and licensed tradespeople. These operators undergo continuous training and are kept up-to-date about the latest industry trends. We conduct regular evaluations of their on-the-job performance and their commitment to health and safety standards, environmentally friendly procedures and quality handiwork. Finally, our team is chosen for their ability to be friendly with all our clients and work well alongside other professionals onsite.

Equipment Safety

We put safety as our core value in all our work. Learn more about the approach we take to ensure equipment safety and quality peformance for every client.

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